Find the Perfect SMS Template!
Find the Perfect SMS Template!

Ready-to-use SMS templates to save time and stay consistent in communication with the customers.

How can SMS templates help your business?

Personalized and attractive SMS templates can spice up your marketing efforts by improving customer engagement.


We often forget to thank our visitors and buyers for reaching out to the brand or making a purchase. Showing gratitude to the audience enhances customer loyalty. Now you can deliver an exceptional personalized customer experience through SMS. Explore SMS templates to make your audience feel valued.

brandsthattext thankyou


Offer messages grab the attention of the customers to the brand. It not only brings new customers but also makes the previous ones return. It helps in boosting traffic which in turn improves sales. Check out our responsive and powerful SMS templates to acquire and engage the customers.

Abandoned Cart

Having a high rate of cart abandonment? What could be the possible reasons for cart abandonment? High additional costs, time-consuming checkout, security concerns, and more. SMS is the most personalized and effective method of communication. We offer a range of SMS templates that help you reach your customers.

Product launch

Product Launch

You have poured time and effort into the research and development of a new product. It is vital to deploy effective marketing strategies that reflect your hard work. Our SMS templates are designed especially for e-commerce brands and driven by AI marketing automation. Our wide array of SMS templates can help you pique your customer’s interest.


Welcome messages are vital as they are the first impression that the brand creates among the audience. A stellar welcome SMS is sure to grasp the customer’s attention. It helps in setting the tone, style, content for future communication. Browse our unique collection of SMS templates to make a strong impression.



A conversational approach to marketing strategies help to forge better connections with the customers. We have put together some SMS templates that will help you to kick off conversations with your audience. 


DLT stands for Distributed Ledger technology, which is an automated platform that creates transparency and reduces the risks of spam and fraud done through SMS. We offer DLT-approved SMS templates that help you stay in touch with your customers.


People splurge the most during festivals, so it is the best time to reach out to them. Promotional alerts during festivals are your best bet when it comes to driving quick sales. Our wide range of SMS templates is updated regularly to help you deliver effective promotional alerts.

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