Beginner’s guide for setting an SMS marketing campaign with examples and ideas

sms marketing

SMS campaigns are being considered as a critical tool for getting important information to individuals, and they function best when combined with other behavior based automation or real time communication. An SMS campaigns are used by a business to communicate information about products and services or share alerts and time-sensitive updates.  SMS marketing for E-commerce … Read more

9 reasons why SMS marketing should be part of your marketing strategy:

Sms marketing

SMS marketing is the practice of delivering promotional or transactional text messages for marketing objectives. These messages are mostly used to send time-sensitive offers, updates, and notifications to people who have agreed to receive them from your company. Text messaging has become the most direct channel of communication as individuals become more connected to their … Read more

Everything you need to know about SMS marketing

Did you know that using SMS marketing, “&me,” a healthcare brand increased its traffic by 138 %, corresponding to a 14% increase in conversions? In today’s world of cut-throat competition, you can’t sit ideally and wait for customers to come to you. Communicating with customers at their convenience helps you build a relationship with them, … Read more

SMS Marketing Guide – 10 Do’s & Don’ts of SMS Marketing

Technological advancement has undoubtedly changed the way we think, act and communicate. With smartphones being omnipresent, people nowadays are glued to them and prefer to communicate on these devices at their convenience through texts, calls or social media applications. Although mobile apps are becoming more of the go-to modes of communication, text messages are still … Read more