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“Great text marketing does not have to be tedious”

As experienced e-commerce growth hackers, we understand the importance of impactful Text/SMS marketing for you. 

Creating coherent text campaigns and persuasive SMS copies is challenging. Brands That Text is changing this for all e-commerce businesses.

Our online portal hosts 1000s of impactful SMS templates from brands all across the globe. Sort by niche, campaign-type or message and choose the best template for your next SMS marketing campaign.  

We update these curated templates everyday…so you never run out of great marketing ideas!

Who Is Behind This Platform?

Brands That Text is an initiative by Wigzo, a full suite e-commerce marketing automation platform that helps e-tail businesses grow online.

Being a value-driven enterprise, our team only aims for superior Customer Success – the most crucial KPI ever.

To that, we gladly say, Cheers!

Thanks for visiting this website 🙂

“Team WIGZO”